The current project is yet to be named and is not done at all. This page will be kept updated as the development go by.




The project is mainly focus on story telling. You relive the memories of an unnamed character by visiting familiar places, learning as much from the notes left everywhere as the house itself. Walls have ears, and the stone hold many secrets. 


Currently the development is at it’s infancy, locations are not done yet, the story is not set into the stone, apart from the big lines. The only things done for now is a test area with about everything needed for the current level design. For now the development is smooth, and aiming for the low hanging fruit.

A windows version is of course 100% sure, and a Linux version might be done only after the final game is out. By no mean this is certain, but since the game is running on Unity there should be no really big problem for that.

Optimisation is a big subject, it should run on old computer and use as little ressources as possible. Everyone should be able to play the game.

The final game will be a pay what you want on Which mean you would be able to get it for free if you want.