New website!

A bit out of subject today because we need to announced our brand new website. We now use a personal server instead of a What does it mean for you? Basically nothing really, performance should be the same as always.

What does it mean for us? More control, more media and more storage to showcase the project later on. What does it mean for you? Basically nothing, except some design change, it should be faster as time goes by and we update the server every now and then.

The new website is already available and every post are already migrated here : 


Tower Up – Retrospective and what did go wrong


It’s been three days since I released TowerUp, since them I listened to feedback and I considered everything that people have said to me to make my future games better and stronger. So it’s time to talk about a full retrospective of TowerUp, what I did wrong and how to not do it in the future.

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