REAL DEV LOG 3.5 – More 3D Work and options

Three weeks after the last update, a lot has been done on the style of the house the work was focused on, and a better options menu. We don’t have a lot to showcase except some screenshots and the explanation of the new options menu.

1. Options screen

First, we have to understand what makes a good options screen, a good example for that is DOOM (2016), an excellent PC port, optimized, with a great deal of options to chose from.


DOOM Advanced options screen

On DOOM, we have a lot of options that impact every post process aspect of the game. This include the Bloom, Depth of Field, HDR, Film Grain… This level of control ensure two things :

  • Every player can play with the settings that suits the best this particular player (For example some players could be blinded by the bloom strength, while other could want more). 
  • Performance wise, this ensures a lot variety of hardware can run your game without going too much in depth about optimisation, drawing calls etc… This is a quick way to see if your game can, or cannot run, on different hardwares at different levels of playability.

Of course, DOOM also has a lot that can impact the performances, like decals and textures quality. Another option to gain performance is the power of texture streaming (Like Resident Evil VII do). Texture streaming is the process of putting in memory ONLY the textures that are showing on the screen, effectively lowering loading times and raising performance.

For now, the options have been focused only on PostProcess options, all the options are :

  • AntiAliasing (Using FXAA, since it’s fast and yield good result)
  • Bloom
  • Depth of Field
  • Ambient Occlusion (This is the process that takes most of the GPU utilization, so the most important to configure)

Before this week, the only options available were to disable or enable each effects. Now we have more control. Here’s a quick preview (WIP) of the options screen :


2. 3D Work

Again, a lot has been focused on 3D works, here are some screenshots of the new lightning and some of the improved areas previously worked on and shown here


Modelling has been improved, as well as the general tone of the scene. This has been a lot of work for the past weeks. Everything is coming together nicely, and soon the first area of the game will be complete as far as modelling and 3D work is concerned.

The basic of the story, without going too much in depth to it, will be set up in the next few days too. Probably by the end of may.


In the meantime be sure to comment or ask any questions. It will be answered in time. Feel free to send a mail too if you want to contact us at

Next true update sometimes during the end of april and middle of may. Have a good day !


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