REAL DEV LOG 1 — What is happening?



Since I released TowerUp I didn’t really settle on a specific project yet. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t busy. In fact I worked on a lot of things related to Unity.

I want to make a little summary of the previous month

Analysis previous work

The first thing I did after TowerUp was an analysis what went wrong ? What went right ? what are the things to improve in future project. I think a lot I’ve been noticed helped me do some prototyping in the last month, because I focused on how to improve my mistake.

I won’t go into details on this post, because I already wrote something about it for more details. You can read it here.

The jump to C# 

A significant amount of the last month was working on C# specific function in Unity, and it has been a live changer. Not only the compilation is a lot faster (4x times fasterand with the help of Visual Studio, debugging has never been that easy since the tool have the library of Unity, MonoDevelop, it is capable of detecting every error you made in the software itself.

And it also have an auto completion system, in a sense it tell you what function need what argument, of what types ect…


Error in Visual Studio


Auto completion

You can also link it to Unity and use breakpoints to debug your game. I don’t think I’ll ever use another tool to develop a game.

That being said, it’s also slower to open and since it’s a huge, you need 8Gb of space on your hardware, even if that’s hardly a problem on prototype, it can become one if your game have a lot of script, which tends to happen in a finalized game.

Custom Inspector

This was a big one to tackle, and I am not even close to see the end of it.

Custom Inspector are essential to a good organization in public variables. But better than words, two comparaison between a script with a custom inspector, and a script without one


Script with inspector script


Script without inspector scripts


See how the script without the inspector change ? When just have the raw value, without knowing what they are doing, what they are related to ect… It’s pretty hard to know which one of these variables do what. Fortunately this is two very simple script so we can know without too much trouble what variable control what. But it can become an hassle to know with a lot of values.

And that’s just the surface of it. If you want to know more about it, what you can do and how to it work, I advice you the great lecture “Editor Scripting for n00bs”. You can watch it here

Blender instead of 3DS max for Game Assets and animation

Because I was a novice in 3D work  and because Blender was very user unfriendly I didn’t used Blender until now. Let me tell you I was a fool.

The jump was motivated because I am still at the very basics, and while 3DS max Education License is free, the true license is very expensive, especially for indie developper, and because of that a lot of indies and artist uses Blender regulary. While I was not sure what the result were going to be I gave it a try, and after a small adaptation time to the control I now can tell that Blender have a lot of advantages for making game asset.

First for the animation, it’s compatible with “IK rigging” directly when importing in Unity, which mean you don’t have to export the model in FBX and bake the animation, which also mean “losing” the original file in Unity and also having unexpected result in the export, with blender you can directly import the .blend file in your game, which can save a lot of time.



It was still possible with 3DS max to import the .3ds file in Unity but you lose the IK rig animation, and it was pretty buggy. Blender also feels a lot smoother in term of animation. Of course I’m not a professional so I can’t go in deepth with the pros and cons, but for my needs in particular Blender feels better. Plus it’s faster, more stable and free, the only downside for now is the interface but it’s easy to get used to it.


What’s next ?

More prototyping, and I want to replicate the engine of RPG maker feels in Unity 3D to tell a story. So that’s what I’m doing next and that’s what I’ll talk about in about one month. In the meantime I hope you’ll like this post and remember that if you don’t succeed at first, don’t give up and learn from your mistakes.


One thought on “REAL DEV LOG 1 — What is happening?

  1. […] Two weeks ago I talked about how I wanted to make a RPG Maker like engine in Unity, the reason being that I wanted to tell a story without getting too much into technical scripts and such. I admire how it is possible to make a game without any single line of codes in RPG Maker. […]


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